Cover to Cover #369A: Mike Carey

Discussion: Will Apple get their tablet device out to customers before Plastic Logic gets their new device to market? Mike M is really digging what the new Palm Pre is poised to do, and he thinks that only the lack of apps is their biggest obstacle now.

Interview: Mike Carey joins the guys this week to talk about Dead Men's Boots, the latest installment in his Felix Castor series. He talks about how even though the initial three books in the series (since it was pitched as a threesome) were planned out ahead in detail, many threads and elements were introduced to take Felix's story through six novels so far.

Mike C also talks about Felix stories outside of the novels, and the possibilites of a comic series focused on either Felix or Juliet... and hopefully for the fans of these characters, those possibilities can come to pass!

He also talks about the comic lines he's still working on -- X-Men Legacy, and The Unwritten -- and work on a movie, and tells us about the story line behind The Unwritten, which was inspired by the autobiography of Christopher Robin Milne, and blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Discussion: Mike Stackpole has a followup to the story earlier this year that Random House would be cutting royalties for electronic books from 50% down to 25%, and that there's a big fight about that cut currently going on in the UK. The refusal to accept the cut has apparently been put forth as a deal breaker for many publishers and authors, and the reasons why that have been put forth are not making sense to many of the people asking "why, and why now".

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  1. thanks for playing my call in!!! sorry i was so nervious. maybe web genie can teach me how she does it,


  2. Hi Darcy
    I write out my review, record it and then send it in an email to the show. That way I can edit out the flubs - often I end up rewriting the review because there are some phrases that I simply can't put together without tripping over my tongue or talking reallly slow.

    I liked your review by the way. I'm going to check out the book.

  3. I wonder... If the publishing industry is hurting because readers are getting a lot of their content online, maybe Random House is trying to adjust their budget to cover the drop in print sales. It would make sense they would want to make more in digital sales because it costs them next to nothing to produce it. If they make more profit from digital, then the loss of print sales will not hurt so bad.

    Don't get me wrong. I, by no means support their decision. They are stealing profit from the authors. that annoys the crap out of me.

    Let me as a question: If they start to make money from the digital rights, will authors lose contracts if they try to keep the digital rights to sell on their own. I think digital rights are going to become more valuable than print rights.