Cover to Cover #394A: Daniel Suarez

Michael R. Mennenga has been doing Dragon Page "Cover to Cover" for 8 YEARS NOW.

Discussion: Daniel Suarez, author of Daemon and Freedom (TM), joins Mike and Mike for the entire show!

Beyond talk about writing stories that resonate with technology professionals and defense strategists alike, the discussion ranges from social networking, potential uses and abuses of Internet technologies, the ever-evolving (and now impossible to eradicate) sophistication of spam and bots, transhumanism, gene mods and the law, and more.

(Be sure to read Michael Hickerson's review of Daemon)

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  1. Wow, there were some interesting topics brought up in this episode, I really enjoyed it! Thanks Mike & Mike 🙂

  2. Interesting podcast. On the topic of an updated bill of rights and "self ownership" I would like to say a big fat good luck. Women have been fighting for this right for years, the pro-life camp will never allow complete self ownership. Welcome to the future!

    • Not to mention the new legislation (supported by US Anti-Doping Agency and the major sports leagues) that's designed to repeal some provisions in the DSHEA Act (more info on the new bill here:

      If this thing actually gets passed, we might have to eventually get prescriptions to get vitamins and herbal/natural supplements that we've become accustomed to being easily obtainable at GNC, Hi-Health, Whole Foods and the like. So not right.

  3. Wow! After listening to this episode I bought a copy of Daemon. What a book. The most exciting, page-turning science fiction I have read for a very long time. It's clever, politically and technologically insightful but also manages to rip along at an amazing pace. I read the first 250 pages in a few hours. I wanted to read the whole book in a day but a guy needs to sleep sometime. I will be recommending this one to everyone.

  4. Kurt in St. George says

    Really great interview and a really great book. Daemon and Freedom (TM) are the most fun novels I have read in a long time.

    Summer, about the DSHEA Act. As Daemon and Freedom (TM) pointed out, we have Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations, for the Corporations; because Corporations are people too. The Supreme Court says so.