Cover to Cover #399A: F. Paul Wilson

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The guys talk about how writers writing has been influenced or affected by various electronic media now open to them, including e-books and podcasts, and integrating social media and the Internet in expanding those stories in different ways.

Interview: Jack: Secret Circles, the latest novel in the YA series about Repairman Jack's teen years, is out and F. Paul Wilson drops by "Cover to Cover" to talk about Jack's journey, and focusing on building up the foundation events that influenced young Jack to become the Repairman Jack we all know and love.

Paul admits to having fallen under the spell that many writers dread: a supporting character who comes to life, takes on a mind of their own and takes over a story; and also expands on his reasons for setting up a limit on both the Young Jack stories and on the Repairman Jack series.

He's also getting help from fans of his old science fiction novels in getting them converted to e-book and Kindle formats to get them back where they can be available to readers who haven't been able to get these books until now.

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