Cover to Cover #403A: Gregg Olsen

Mike and Mike begin to delve into the non-fiction world, and the writing opportunities that are out there because of the increase of the 24-hour news cycle.

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Interview: This week, Mike and Mike talk with Gregg Olsen about his latest true crime story, A Twisted Faith. Gregg talks about the elements of this crime that drew him to want to tell the story, uncovering the feelings and beliefs driving the people involved, and the aftermath and recovery process for those involved.

Gregg also talks about the stresses of writing true crime, both during the research and after the book has been published, and some the personal impact that has on writer, subject and reader.

Discussion: Mike Stackpole talks about his time in Las Vegas at the GAMA convention, and some new developments around gaming and game manufacturers.

In addition to the ebook device debate, Mike also throws out this call to action: he will put out the ebook version of Talion Revenant (epub and Kindle) in May, and if it sells 10,000 downloads, then he will write the sequel that fans have been begging him for.

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  1. This was a thoroughly interesting interview. I'm glad Mike S brought this to our attention.