Cover to Cover #406A: Jim Butcher

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Mike and Mike talk a little more about new things coming out for the iPad, and about playing with the iPad, and the guys will talk more about the iPad when Stackpole has his iPad in hand by the next time they record.

Anna talks about a popular UK book being imported to the US because it wouldn't be available here for at least 6 months, and asks why a publisher's rep considers importing an item from another country a violation of copyright law. Stackpole explains that with publishing it's not truly a copyright law violation, but more of a sales and marketing infringement. But do ebooks really have their own separate territories?

Mike and Mike also talk about the expected shift in balance between print and electronic books being published.

Interview: This week, Mike Mennenga talks with Jim Butcher about the latest story in the Dresden Files series, Changes.

Jim talks about the new set of upheavals in Harry's life, the pacing of the stories -- and the news about the long-awaited Dresden Files Role Playing Game coming out soon (pre-orders are now available from Evil Hat Productions).

Jim also gloats over how he's the only person legally able to play Harry Dresden in "City of Heroes".

Look forward to Side Jobs, a collection of Dresden Files short stories plus a new novella, coming in November 2010.

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