Cover to Cover #411A: Dan Wells

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Voicemails: Jason from Perth is interested in why it's considered "illegal" (grey market) to sell a UK published book retail the US, and Stackpole explains how the foreign markets sales are the reasons why, and how ebook publishing is changing how those markets might be covered;

Interview: This week, Dan Wells joins us to talk about his new novel, I Am Not A Serial Killer, a story about a 15-year-old sociopath who worries that he's becoming a serial killer, and the lengths he goes to to stop a real serial killer.

Dan talks about how the psyche of a sociopath fascinates him, and how the story came out of the many books he's read on the subject, and how while the story has a teenaged protagonist, it's not specifically a YA novel.

Look for the sequel, Mr. Monster, due out in October 2010.

Dan also talks about Writing Excuses, the writing podcast that he co-hosts with Brandon Sanderson and Howard Tayler, and how teaching and talking about writing has actually improved his own writing and insights about writing.

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