Cover to Cover #419A: Amelia Beamer

The Loving Dead by Amelia Beamer

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Mike S gives us an update on results of the "Relay for Life" drive to raise money for the American Cancer Society in Second Life... the FarPoint Media/Third Life Books crew rocked it out.

Voicemails: Mari from Michigan loves the idea of the chain story project, especially for providing more online samples for many more writers; Jay from Canada relays an update on his getting used to reading ebooks on his iPhone and iPad and his new e-Ink reader, and wants Mike S' opinion on owners removing DRM from items they've purchased to allow for personal backups and device reading flexibility; Trampas asks about shared worlds where there's a game component and a novel component, and whether one should follow the other, or not

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike chat with Amelia Beamer about her debut novel, The Loving Dead, a story filled with dark humor, about learning to live life in a world where zombieism is a sexually transmitted disease, providing a different twist on examining the relationships we try to have with each other.

She also talks about how the metaphors of vampires and zombies reflect feelings in society today, the appeal of the zombie for her, and her recent participation on a zombie fiction panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

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