Cover to Cover #423A: Larry Niven

Stars and Gods by Larry Niven

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Mike M and Mike S touch on some updates from recent news, around the ebook agreements between Wylie and Random House, and also the impending mobile device OS battle between Apple and Google.

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike chat with Larry Niven; his newest collection is Stars and Gods, but the conversation covers many topics, from portraying technological advances in fiction, space travel and exploration, Niven's Laws, merging tech and fashion, and more!

Stars and Gods is the latest in a series of collections, containing editorials, articles, short stories and excerpts from novels, and random writing that doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

There's also the upcoming The Best of Larry Niven from Subterranean Press and edited by Jonathan Strahan. You can pre-order a copy of the November 2010 release, but the 250 signed limited edition copies are already sold out.

Official website: Known Space: The Future Worlds of Larry Niven

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