Cover to Cover #426A: Jesse Petersen

Married With Zombies

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Mike M and Mike S talk about a recent Wall Street Journal article, Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books, about how ebooks are undercutting author profits, and Mike S has a few issues with the numbers used in the article.

To read all of Stackpole's commentary on it, head on over to his website.

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike chat with Jesse Petersen, author of the "Living With the Dead" series, the first book of which is Married With Zombies.

Jesse talks about the inspiration for the first book and the series, balancing character voice, humor, marriages and relationships, and of course, methods of killing zombies.

How long would your relationship last when faced with the pressures of a zombie apocalypse? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Link: Jesse Petersen

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  1. You guys should interview Joe Konrath he has co written ( as Jack Kilborn) a book called Draculas. More importantly though he is as big a booster of e-books as you are. The crossing of the streams would be awesome.