Cover to Cover #449: Alex Bledsoe

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Mike Stackpole talks about more of the publishing details behind Amanda Hocking's new print deal, specifically the fact that Amazon was a bidder and had partnered with a traditional publisher for the print editions of the new books.

He also talks about the difference in sales numbers between his print editions and the digitial edition sales he's doing on his own, and they talk about where the tipping point might actually lie.

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike chat with Alex Bledsoe about his new book, Dark Jenny from Tor Books. While it's the third book set in this universe featuring many of the same characters, it's not a "trilogy" by the standard sense of the word.

He talks about his roots in reading pulp mysteries, and how that influenced his decision to create a fantasy novel in that same style, where the characters are having new adventures, but where readers don't need to read all of the stories in order to be able to follow what's going on.

Alex also talks about how he loves how the Internet is bringing fans and writers closer faster, and all the guys reminisce over their own personal fanboi moments.

Link: Alex Bledsoe: Official Website

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  1. Mike S,
    I think you are incorrect that Amazon/Houghton were bidding on a print-only contract. Hocking, in fact, has talked about how she will be losing money on the eBooks because of her contract. The four books involved are NOT being sold by her directly as eBooks.

    Cheers --- Larry