Cover to Cover #461: Building Your Audiences

First, some Listener Feedback!

Sean from Edwards AFB details some ideas he has about creating resin models to cross-promote his as-yet-unfinished book, which leads to a quick discussion about putting the writing ahead of the marketing gimmicks and promotional goodies.

Fight the Procrastination!

Rick from PA relates a Smashwords poll he came across while researching sales figures for serialized ebooks, and wonders what insight Mike and Mike have on the discussion (incomplete stories that are serialized, no go; complete stories in serial form, go!)

Will the Computer Guy asks why Audible's selections are so expensive given the low distribution and storage costs (hint: you have to pay for production costs, narrators, sound engineers, etc)

Discussion: Mike S talks about the importance of developing a private audience, separate from the groups you're cultivating on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and other social networks.

What's your favorite site for book reviews? Send them in, or mention them here... we'll collect the info and compile them into a list that we will use later to help publicize the finished stories after the process here. They can be a big part of the audience building process.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

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  1. I've seen this in action. Here's what happened when I posted a book review.

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  4. My favorite book review site is Elitist Book Reviews: