Cover to Cover #463: Techniques for Managing the Details

News: The guys discuss a recent story about some quotes from Jonathan Franzen that he spoke at a book festival in Cartagena, covering his hatred of ebooks, and belief that "no one who has a decent Internet connection at work can be creating great fiction".

Mike S also recommends that everyone go out and purchase digital picture frames, scan in the covers of all their books, sit it on your shelf and have it display your book covers as slideshows.

Writing Discussion: Mike M talks about the difficulties in trying not to expand the story he's currently working on and finding himself writing two different books at the same time, and Mike S delves into the usefulness of a toss ahead page, any series of story notes you can make to help you remember all of the details that need to be covered in future chapters or future novels, and modifying those items as needed.

And yes, Summer is still taking applications for Dragon Page book reviewers. Wanna play?

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  1. Hey guys, when I started working on my stories as part of NaNoWriMo this past November I found myself doing exactly what Mike S is describing here. I didn't really have a name for it but I had a running document of notes on things that I needed to remember to touch on later or go back and fill in.

    Thanks for the great tip, guess I'm doing at least something right if I'm evolving good techniques in my writing process 🙂

  2. The toss ahead page is an excellent suggestion. I have been working on my first revision and rewrite for the story I wrote last year. My margins are full of notes in my manuscript of things that need to be addressed in future parts of the book, continuity errors and various ideas for another book in the series or world. A separate page of notes is such a simple idea but one that I had totally missed. This is really going to help.

    I am also interested in doing book reviews for Draon Page. What do I need to do to apply for that?

    I just finished and posted my first review of a collection of short stories called Not Before Bed by British author Craig Hallam. The idea of using book reviews to help bring traffic to my site and also help gain a bigger audience struck a chord with me and I figure that I am already reading multiple books why not write reviews as well. If anything it will make me delve deeper into how the books works and don't work to help me better my writing. Thanks for the suggestion.