Reading Diary #08: WebGenii's Reads

This is WebGenii, with an installment from my "Reading Diary".  So what have I been reading lately?

First up, Patricia McKillip's "The Bards of Bone Plain", published by Ace. I always enjoy Patricia McKillip's fantasies since she has an wonderful ability to combine a well-plotted story, with engaging characters and interesting philosophical ideas that will keep you mulling over the story for some time to come. In this case, a young bard and a princess are researching the past. A past which lives all around them. Anyone who loves reading about archeology in the present world, will enjoy reading how these characters come to realize that the past is, in fact, our present. Recommended with excellent re-read value.

Next, I mentioned in a previous diary, that I had somehow missed reading Cherie Priest's "Dreadnought", published by TOR.  I finally remedied that lack. It is at this point I feel my review should switch over to ALL CAPS! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!! MANY OF THEM!! This was a terrific read. Set in the same world as "Boneshaker" it has a few overlapping characters. You don't need to have read "Boneshaker" to enjoy "Dreadnought" but it will give you a few more "a-ha" moments. Ms Priest reveals a few more clues about origin of the zombies and the impact of the actions of the characters introduced in  "Boneshaker". And I really don't want to spoil anything. Lastly, I just want to say how much the rhythm of "Dreadnought" reminded me of a train ride. The gradual, inevitable beginning, building up to a propulsive climax.  Okay, well most none of my train rides have ended like this one. Recommended.

I mentioned receiving Kameron Hurley's "Infidel" in a previous Reader's Diary. Hoo Boy! I'm going to start right now by recommending that you read it. You should only pause first to read the previous book in this series "God's War". I think "Infidel" is a stronger book than "God's War", but reading "God's War" first will give you a better idea of the background and history of the world and the characters in "Infidel".

This is the kind of muscular sci-fi writing that is often stated that women can't or don't do. Don't believe it. Ms Hurley has written a terrific book filled with ideas and violence and a terrifically nuanced view of a world that has been at war with itself for generations. If you like your SF dark, then this is a series for you. Plus, you have to get up to speed for the third book in the series "Rapture", which is due in November.

Lastly, I read George Mann's "The Affinity Bridge", which is so different in pace and style from the previous two books that just recalling it after them makes my head swim. Different, but worthy. This is a Sherlockian (is that a word?) steampunk mystery. It has terrific attention to detail as our heroes; the detective paring of Miss Veronica Hobbes and Sir Maurice Newbury strive to solve why a clockwork automaton would deliberately crash an airship. And along the way, they discover a sinister plot to... Oops! I can't tell you -- its' too spoilery.  But trust me, if you like the steampunk, this is a quality outing.  If you want to get a feeling for Mr. Mann's writing and the world of "The Affinity Bridge" he has some free stories at Recommended.

And look what just came in through the mail -- "Destroyer of Worlds: Kingdom of the Serpent 3" by Mark Chadbourn, published by Pyr Books. This looks like the finale to the Kingdom of the Serpent saga.

I also did a little on-line shopping to fill out my To Be Read pile, so expect my two cents on "Pegasus" by Robin McKinley published by Putnam. Also "Hide Me Among the Graves" by Tim Powers, published by William Morrow.

Just to recap, the books that I mentioned today were:

  • Patricia McKillip's "The Bards of Bone Plain", published by Ace.
  • Cherie Priest's "Dreadnought", published by TOR.
  • Kameron Hurley's "Infidel", published by Night Shade Books.
  • George Mann's "The Affinity Bridge", published by TOR.
  • "Destroyer of Worlds: Kingdom of the Serpent 3" by Mark Chadbourn, published by Pyr Books.
  • "Pegasus" by Robin McKinley, published by Putnam.
  • "Hide Me Among the Graves" by Tim Powers, published by William Morrow.

This has been WebGenii letting you know what is on my reading list.

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