Cover to Cover #465: Catching Up and Moving Forward

Mike and Mike pop in for a quick visit, and have fun with not remembering anything they talked about or did for the show 2 years ago.

They chat about what's been going on since then, and the changes that happen with stories as the writers get older and gain more experiences.

Stackpole then talks about how the new Star Wars movies have affected the expanded Star Wars universe from the novels, and how the folks at LucasFilm have decided that the stories from the expanded universe are no longer canon and are now part of an alternate Star Wars universe, but stories from the expanded universe might be used for future Star Wars features and shows.

Mike M then details what's happening with the studio and how that affects future shows for Dragon Page and Slice of SciFi, and they ask you: what elements of Dragon Page "Cover to Cover" do you miss and would want to hear more of?

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  1. John Wong says

    OMG, what an awesome surprise. I sure missed you guys. I discovered you guys later in your run, and was sad when you went away. As an aspiring writer, I really enjoyed your opinions and conversations on the publishing industry and the craft of writing. It was very inspiring and informative.

    Actually, thinking back, I enjoyed everything about the show, book reviews, the general banter, and the talk about movies, etc. For a long while Dragon Page Cover-to-Cover was automatically put to the top of the play-list as soon as it dropped.

    I really hope your return isn't a fleeting one. It would really be great to have you guys back in the podiosphere again. For me, it hasn't been the same.

  2. So good to have you guys back even for just one show! I've been following you guys since forever and I for one loved your digital publishing news, forecasts and ebook talk. I listened to you guys throughout my own writing career, often times while I was writing or working on something. I also used to visit Mike Stackpole during his office hours every Wednesday evening in SL when I was posting publishing news on my own blog about the oncoming digital revolution.

    I hope you continue the show. With so many things shaking up the publishing industry (namely the Amazon Vs. Hachette hoopla at the moment), I'd love to get both of your insights on how this affects writers and publishing in general.

    Looking forward to the next show and I hope Summer gets to pop on there also. I loved her thoughts on books, movies the spec genres and different series!

  3. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    What is this! New episodes?
    Just happened to drop by to look for an old interview and found new material. What a great surprise. Now I actually have to listen to it, not just ramble one here.

  4. jhonny from Uppsala says

    If I didn't know better I'd say you have had ninja schooling. 😉

  5. There is a sore lack of podcasting for books/authors in the Urban Fantasy genre It. would be cool to retool the show to offer that kind of coverage.

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