Cover to Cover #38: Tee Morris and Lisa Lee

MoreviTee Morris and Lisa Lee - Co-authors of Morevi
We first interviewed Tee Morris a few weeks ago, and since that time, both Michael and Evo (plus Michael's wife and a few others) have read the book, Morevi - And we all loved it!

Tune in and listen to our 'Exclusive' interview with both Tee and Lisa. It is the first time they have ever been interviewed at the same time, and you can hear it here first!!
Learn more about Lisa Lee, and Tee Morris at:

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  1. This is Tee Morris, one of the two guests from last week's Dragon Page and co-author of MOREVI! The interview between Lisa Lee and myself was our first live interview and a really fun time...although I was a little worried we were not letting Michael and Evo get a word in edge-wise! 😉

    Happy Holidays and thanks for listening!