Cover to Cover #42: Piers Anthony

No kidding, kids! We've got one of Michael and Evo's favorite authors on the show this week. Piers is one of the most prolific authors of today (or anytime, for that matter) with over 120 books to his credit.

With Piers we cover the full gambit, from his new erotic novel work The Magic Fart, a sequel to his popular Pornucopia, to how Hollywood cuts the best parts of their own works!

Piers has so many works, we're providing the following links in list format:

Piers was a great interview, with plenty of insight and opinons from both sides!

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  1. Dear Michael & Evo,
    I just heard the Piers Anthony interview. What a thrill to hear the man's voice. I didn't know he was going to be on, but I heard an author talking about Letters to Jenny and knew it must be him. I'm a big fan and read Tatham Mound, all the Incarcations, Zanth, his wicked short stories, etc. He is a role model to other authors. My fourth novel DREAM WEAVER, sequel to PICTURE MAKER is coming out in early January. Check out Piers encouraged me with my writing. He is well-loved, so thanks again for having him.
    Penina Keen Spinka

  2. joeythemighty says

    I liked the Piers Anthony interview. I went out and bought the first Incarnations book. So I had better like it, Evo!!