Cover to Cover #52: Tony Ruggiero

Tony Ruggieo joins us to talk about his latest book, Get Out of My Mind, a political book with a slight science fiction twist. Set around the presidential election of 2000, we get a glimpse of both human as well as alien politics.

Tony spent many years with the Navy Seals before retiring and draws on his long experiences to reflect on the human condition and thoughts of what may be. We detect some slight (tongue placed firmly in cheek) undertones of modern US foreign policy in his novel. Perhaps this will give us another perspective on the things affecting the world today?

Tony also talks about his previous book, Team of Darkness. This dark fantasy thriller puts captured vampires into a regiment of Navy Seals. More political undertones here, as they vampire enhanced teams are pitted against the drug lords in Central America. Interesting!

Evo reviews DareDevil
CAUTION! Spoilers are in the third segment! If you haven't seen the movie yet, rush out and see it before this show airs, 'cuz Evo is telling all. And believe it or not... he liked it!

The News

  • Steven King not quite in retiring just yet...
  • Cartoon Network to run Star Wars animated features
  • We talked about this way back on the December 12th show, where we were interviewing Dave Reinberg. Face transplants. Now they've got someone scheduled for it!
  • HBO buys Attack of the Clone rights to air for $15 million dollars
  • Stan Lee's Iron Man headed to the big screen?
  • Who will be the next Cat Woman in "The Misadventures of Adam and Burt?"
  • The Borg - The Ride in 3D coming to a theme park near you!
  • Ky. Bible College Gets 666 Prefix Removed

Feed the Dragon
Who gets it this week? Well, we're not telling... but if you're into science you'll probably get a kick out of it! Tune in to find out who it is this time around...