Cover to Cover #175: Wil McCarthy / Tom Piccirilli

November MournsShow Notes
To Crush The Moon by Wil McCarthy.
November Mourns by Tom Piccirilli.

First up this week is Wil McCarthy telling us about his book, To Crush The Moon. Wil's book tells us a story of how future man will shrink the moon so that it can hold an atmosphere. Sounds impossible, but Wil is a hard science kind of guy and assures us that the book's concepts are possible. Tune in and hear the details.

After that, Tom Piccirilli takes us down south for some good old-fasioned horror in November Mourns. (And you thought that the south was already scary.)

The Draco-Vista Studio receives many new books each week. So, we just have to tell you about them.

The dragon is well sated this week, so instead we bring you a story of Zombies. (However, I'm not sure that you should try and use this excuse on your boss.)


  1. So, The Library: redundant, is the word that comes to mind. - I know it's not, and I really like hearing about new books, but, I guess I'm not the kind of dude who needs jacket praise. Just let me know what's new, short and precise.

    I really, love the phone interviews with Will and Tom. That's just perfect, do it just like that, and that'll keep me coming back.

    Look, I'm just thankful that you guys do this. God knows I need it!

  2. Holy cow! I'm in the middle of listening to the interview with Wil McCarthy and he's talking about quantum dots. I work for a company called Quantum Dot Corporation ( and we make quantum dot-based fluorescent labels for biological applications (cell labelling, gene expression, etc etc). Which is a similar, yet completely different, application than Wil discussed.

    Fantastic show so far!

  3. Well crap...sorry! Please delete the repeat posts...I thought my browser'd hung up, but apparently not. Sorry again!

  4. Deleted. This happens a lot. We are looking into the problem.

  5. I love Cover to Cover. I worship at the feet of the cult of Terra-ism.

    Why then, do I feel like I'm in a reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy long elevator ride when I'm listening to the Library segment? I miss the interplay, and listening to Michael do a cold read of cover notes... The production value is high, but I feel like I'm gonna take a nap, or start humming a Madonna song from the 80's.