Cover to Cover #58: Kathleen H. Nelson / John F. Nienstedt

Kathleen H. Nelson
Kathleen's new book is The Dragon Reborn, an ambitious project and sequel to Daughter of Dragons. Similar to another author we know, Kathleen deals with dragon/human relations and gives us another perspective on these magical creatures.

Kathleen is a full time author currently published on Dragon Moon Press. She has some great insight into small press publishing and how things have worked out for her.

John F. Nienstedt
We speak with John about his latest book, See The Monkey: A Tale of Two Evils. His book deals with conversations between a columnist and a disembodied voice of evil. It's part of a trilogy you might enjoy if you enjoy a good hook ending you probably were not expecting!

John's background is in non-fiction, so it's interesting to listen to him describe the difference between the two genres.

Dragon Bites

  • New movies from Heinlein & Asimov could be coming out
  • Remaking Harvey: do we need the invisible rabbit?
  • Superman news-- Chris Reeves major improvements
  • Gene linked to creativity in humans found
  • Nick Nolte's, The Hulk, and a great Greek Tragedy?
  • Pain? Play a video game.

Feed the Dragon
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  1. Kathleen H. Nelson says

    Hi, Michael! Hi, Evo!
    I just finished listening to the show. It was great! Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me. Dragons (and 'The Dragon Page') rule. I wish you great success with your writing careers.
    Kathleen H. Nelson