Cover to Cover #59: Michael Romkey / Elizabeth Merz

Michael Romkey.
Michael's new book is The Vampire's Violin. As the author says "I'm not your traditional vampire novel writer..." Sure he covers the classic vampire traits you've come to expect, but he deals with the subject in such a manner as to suggest it just might be possible! Michael has been writing vampire novels for some time, and fans of the groundbreaking novel "I, Vampire" can expect another great ride.

Music lovers will enjoy this book as well. Michael does a fascinating job of describing the intricate details of the creation and crafting of violins in this book. This is par for the course for Michael, who researches and understands all aspects of his characters; to the degree you might actually think he's writing historical fiction.

Elizabeth Merz
Talk about an ambitious project for a relatively new writer! Elizabeth is working on a seven book series! The first title is Betnoni's Prophecy, chronicling the history and political intrigue of another world. Fans of fantasy as well as sci-fi should enjoy this book, as aspects of both genera are called upon in this very interesting book. We wish Elizabeth the best of luck, and strongly suggest our readers pick up a copy today!

Dragon Bites

  • Halle Berry as Cat Woman. Sir, you've dropped your tongue...
  • New book on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on the way
  • HellBoy and Nazis... sounds like a perfect movie
  • Dad can't wait to try out kids experiment, nearly blows foot off
  • Morgan Freeman plays God
  • Star Wars sets coming out of mothballs for EP3
  • Carmel and cocaine... breakfast of champions

Feed the Dragon
Evo's venting again, this time taking shots at inbreds from oversees. Seems like hillbilly living doesn't end in West Virginia. Tune in to hear about one of the strangest sibling/wedding/animal husbandry stories around.


  1. My website features a gentle fantasy, "Enchanted Shores." Sword and sorcery are fine, but sometimes one would like to get away from all that armor and fighting. My book is written in folk tale format and includes a few poems as well. The main feature of the book is its inventiveness. Inventiveness was once the hallmark of true fantasy. A good story is important, yes, but being creative and inventive is important also.