Cover to Cover #65: Steven Piziks / Piers Anthony

Steven Piziks
Steven Piziks, writing under the double-top-secret code name of Steven Harper, released recently his latest work Nightmare. In Steven's own words, "it's a serial-killer science-fiction novel!" The second book in The Silent Empire series, it's a prequel to his previous work. Nightmare (reviewed and adored by Mike's wife Lorrie) explores aspects of fantasy as well as sci-fi, the metaphysical as well as the physical. Pick up a copy today!

Piers Anthony
Piers joins us again to talk about many things, including writing for kids versus writing for adults. He also explains to us why he's no fan of the term "Sci-Fi". Yes, this is a repeat interview. We thought you'd like to hear one of our more classic conversations a second time!

Dragon Bites

  • Tank ticked at Matrix 2
  • Quick comments from your hosts on Reloaded
  • Matrix the Game tops Warcraft sales by a factor of three. Holy Hanna!
  • Prostitute or Vampire? I'm not guilty!
  • FireFly could be made into a movie
  • Who thought Starbuck as a chick was a good idea?
  • Harry Potter Five breaking all the records and the rules
  • Wrongful arrest? Rip out your eyes

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes a stab at feeding our pet dragon today. Now, we all love Arnie, right? Sure. Sure we do, Mr. Schwarzenegger. However, Mike has the huevos to pick a fight with the man... and Evo decides to try out an Iraqi accent for Arnold. You've just gotta listen.