Cover to Cover #73: Brian Herbert / Robert D. Miles

Brian Herbert.
Brian Herbert's new book is Dreamer of Dune. Chances are you've already made the connection between the name "Herbert" and the title "Dune." Brian is the son of the late Frank Herbert, creator of possibly the most epic of all epic sci-fi tales of all time. Brian has penned six original Dune novels that serve as prequels to his fathers work.

His latest work, Dreamer of Dune, is the biography of Frank Herbert. It's an interesting tale of the life of such an influential writer and how his son rediscovers this man and his work, as well as his own childhood. Brian gives us a glimpse of what he went through in the five long years of research. It's a little known fact that Brian's mother was a gifted writer in her own right, but gave up her career early to become "the bread winner" while Frank was engrossed in his world. Sounds like life at the Herbert household was every bit as interesting as the universe which is spawned.

Robert D. Miles
"Do you have the spirit of adventure? Are you willing to work? Come sail with us!" That's an ad that gets characters involved in Robert D. Miles' latest work, SAFESPACE. Humans wrecking the planet, aliens trying to save it, other aliens trying to hasten the fall-- Robert covers it all in his book. But it's not all sci-fi folks! Robert wrote the book based on his recollection of events that happened to him in the past. I'll not say any more than that for fear of ruining the surprise. You'll just have to tune in!

Dragon Bites

  • What was up with John Doe? Not much, it turns out
  • Matrix Revolution: will it answer the question "Why Keanu?"
  • Star Wars portrays Africa in a bad light. (Where they watching the same movie as the rest of us?)
  • M. Night Shamalamadingdong making a Disney thriller set in the woods. What?
  • Jasmine tea leads to bashing with a brass duck
  • Stan Lee diving into more soft porn, this time with Hugh Hefner. Can't wait!

Feed the Dragon
Michael gets the honors this time around, and is less than happy with the level of political correctness happening in, of all places, Hollywood. Think agent Cody Banks was offensive? One group does. Listen to find out more...