Cover to Cover #100: Sir Arthur C. Clarke / Robert J. Sawyer

Time's EyeSir Arthur C. Clarke
In between us two geeks slobbering all over ourselves, we manage to ask Sir Arthur a few germane questions about his new book, Time's Eye, written with Stephen Baxter. As you've grown to expect from Sir Arthur's work, it's soon to be a standard of hard science fiction. It's the first in a three-part series dealing with the peculiarities of time flow. We we're (and continue to be) absolutely thrilled to get Sir Arthur on the show!

Hybrids: Neandertal ParallaxRobert J. Sawyer
Not only is Rob an award-winning science fiction author, but he's also a raging Arthur C. Clarke fan just like the two of us! We talk about how influential Sir Arthur has been in this profession, as well as recap previous conversations with Rob on his Neandertal Parallax series. It's always a pleasture to have Rob on the show!

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