Cover to Cover #291A: Minister Faust

Notebooks of Dr BrainTime warp news: Todd from Orem UT informs us of the news that Brandon Sanderson was chosen to write the final book in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Check out our recent interview with Brandon, too!

Mike, Summer and Michael chat about the implications and expectations of this unique scenario, from both an author's and a reader's perspective.

Interview: Michael, Summer, Michael and Brian talk with Minister Faust about his most recent novel, From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain. If you're ready for an off-kilter look at a superhero universe, from the self-help book written by the therapist who specializes in working with the hyperabled human with all-to-common emotional and mental distresses.

A Minister Faust novel is an experience that shakes up practically all of the tropes you've come to expect, and this one is a stellar example of humor and fast-paced entertainment.

Voicemail: Shane from NJ asks about electronic versions of books and their costs; Shane from NJ with an anecdote on how comic books were a literary gateway drug for him;

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  7. that was a really good interview. that guy was FUNNY!! I am going put this book on my list. I got ten books for christmas, but still have a borders card to use. hehe. book shelf hasn't fallen over yet!!! maybe one more book.....


    hope all you guys had a great christmas!!!! here's a HUG!

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  16. Stu Shiffman says

    My sweetie had "Dr Brain" for review, so after getting home after listening to the show at work, I grabbed it and read it over New Year's. What fun --

  17. Dave_From_OZ says

    I got iTunes to download it fully on Tuesday. Thank you, Summer.

    Minister is a funny bastard, I went out and ordered both books right after listening to the podcast.

  18. Brian of Puget Sound says

    Greetings Dragon Pagers!

    I had just finished catching up on my podcasts when the discussion of how hard it is to write an anti-hero, villian, came up in Episode 291A. One of the best anti-heroes that I have had the opportunity to read was written by Jacqueline Carey in The Sundering duology - The Banewreaker and The Godslayer. It was a great depiction of the noble, yet misunderstood, motivations of a villian that an entire world rallied against to put asunder.

    I recommend these books to anyone that enjoys not looking at the scales of good and evil as not so much black and white.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  19. Those are the books I was thinking of, that I couldn't remember while we were talking!!