Cover to Cover #302A: Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth JohnsonMichael and Michael reflect on the passing of Arthur C. Clarke, remembering his influence on science fiction over the decades.

Voicemail: Western Fantasy recommendations for Trampas from Jack Jaffee: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and "Down the Road" over at 12-Volt Theater; Sandy from MD recomments "Territory" by Emma Bull, and comments on the paranormal romances recently arrived; Shane from NJ comments on "Jumper", "Reflex" and "Griffin's Story" by Steven Gould, and the movie made from "Jumper"; Kellen comments on integrating machinery into the human form, recommending "Ghost in the Shell"; Jason appreciates the Robert Jordan interview replay;

CA in Phoenix on scanning and digitizing textbooks; Chris recommends "Territory" and "Strange Adventures of Ranger Girl" as western fantasies; Tim comments on "Last Days of Krypton"; Elena from Vegas recommends Robert Parker's westerns; ADD Todd in Utah on readers finding the clues left by the author; comments on sources for Audiobooks and podcast novels, strongly recommended for people who read hardcover books while driving. For the love of humanity, don't read a book or magazine while you're driving! Are you insane?

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Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk with Kenneth Johnson. Kenny is more known for creating the television shows "V", "The Bionic Woman" (the original series), "The Incredible Hulk", and "Alien Nation", but he's also got a new book out, V: The Second Generation.

Kenny tells us about the inspiration for the story, from when he was preparing the DVD release of the original miniseries, and he wondered what would happen if someone answered the distress call that was sent into space. So the book starts from when someone arrives in response to the call the Resistance sent out.

He also chats about the differences between writing screenplays and writing novels, and the differences in collaborating with dozens of others for screenplays and working solo on novels, and so much much more.

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  1. CanuckLou says

    Great interview with Kenny! Man he sounds so energetic still!

  2. I don't understand the pyramid eyball. Tell me tell me tell me!

  3. The Pyramid eyeball is for Scott Sigler Infected The is coming out in hardback! Go get one. It's good! Thanks for playing my voice I forgot send it.

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