Cover to Cover #76: Jane Lindskold / David S. Watkins

Jane Lindskold
Jane's latest novel is The Dragon of Despair. Oddly enough, it isn't really about dragons at all, but is a fantasy tale for wolf-lovers. This book is a standalone sequel to two other books penned by Jane, meaning you can pick up any of the three and not be lost. The book is an interesting insight into human politics from the point of view from a woman who was raised by wolves.

Plenty of magic for the fantasy fans out there, and a serious book about the plight of wolves for those interested. Jane has done her homework, so if you're a fan of wolves you'll find this book seems to be written just for you.

David S. Watkins
Howabout a fast paced, graphic and gory fantasy novel? Michael has read parts of the book, Gilbred Guteater, and reports it's like reading a video game. Now that's fast! Michael also suggests a new genera for the book-- Gore Fantasy.

David has a history with role playing and video games and wanted to bring the pace and action into a book. You sure won't be bored reading about the travels of Gilbred as you prepare for the next books in the series.

Dragon Bites

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Feed the Dragon
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