Cover to Cover #41: Victoria Strauss

Garden of the Stone by Victoria StraussVictoria Strauss has penned many great Sci-fi/fantasy books in the past, and we talk to her about her latest one, THE GARDEN OF THE STONE (Eos)

She is also the owner/moderator of Writer Beware, a site dedicated to shedding light on shady agents, publishers, and editors out to take advantage of new authors. Be sure to listen for insight on the industry, and some great information on getting your work published without the hassles of un-reputable people.

Writer Beware:

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Our interview with Victoria was over, but we kept talking. Luckily Michael was still recording, and we decided to air this conversation. Michael and Victoria covered some great topics on the industry and his past experience with his own books and writing. Don't miss this candid conversation.

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My professional affiliations include the Author's Guild and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, where I'm a member of the Writing Scams Committee. Along with other intrepid scam hunters, I help wage a vigorous campaign against the huge variety of literary schemes and frauds that prey on beginning writers. As part of that effort, I created and maintain Writer Beware, a compendium of warnings about literary fraud.