Cover to Cover #304A: James A. Owen

Search for Red DragonMike M takes a moment to reminisce about Joe Murphy, his contributions to The Dragon Page and to Wingin' It, and Mike S recounts a Dragon*Con experience with Joe. Mason Rocket is still missed.

Joe Murphy Review: Listen to Joe's review of both the book and the movie "Ella Enchanted".

Also, check out Mike S' site, to get "The Secrets: Serial Fiction", a new e-book guide to developing and writing serial fiction.

Interview: Illustrator and author James A. Owen joins us in studio, in the midst of his school and library tour to talk about The Search for the Red Dragon, the second books in the "Imaginarium Geographica".

The stories and the artwork in this series are wonderful, with the grand scope of history, geography, literature and mythology that are intertwined. Now, combine this with the 7-book "Mythworld" series that will eventually tie into the 7-book "Imaginarium" series, plus a tie-in with the "Starchild" graphic novels, and you've got a truly rich world that needs it's own book of footnotes just to keep track of all of the references.

Either way, it's a fun world to read in and let your imagination run in.

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  1. Very interesting interview guys! I just discovered "Mythworld" and "Imaginarium" and I'm gonna get those books as soon as possible 🙂

    Greetings from Vienna

  2. dang it guys.. just when I get my " to read " list whittled to single digits there' comes this series
    gonna have to hit Borders this weekend.

  3. First you get me hooked on Jim Butcher and now you tempt me with even more cool, smart andfun books. I don't have the time to read all this, but I know as soon as I get my self south of the 60th parallel I will go shopping for more in no small part due to your input.

  4. CanuckLou says

    Very ambitious 'project' on Mr. Owen's part. And a cunningly crafted piece of business as well.

  5. CanuckLou says

    I should add that I attended the Monday, April 7th Writing Class in Second Life.

    I'm Old Darth in SL - or OD for short.

    Mike and Kat run a great course and it is very entertaining and educational.

  6. Holy crap! these books sound AMAZING. Exactly the thing I love.

    I need them. Hopefully my local store has some copies in store. Thanks for the interview!

  7. As I subscriber to Mike Stackpole's The Secrets newsletter I have purchased his recently released guide to writing Serial Fiction and so far, like the rest of The Secrets it is gold; really useful, up-to-the-minute information.

    If you are thinking of buying the Serial Fiction guide and also thinking of paying for a subscribtion to The Secrets it might be worth subscribing first. I don't know whether or not this holds for new subscribers but I got a subscriber discount on the Serial Fiction guide.

    On another note, I wish my glorified typewriter of a laptop had the polygon power to run Second Life, I really feel I'm missing out on the goings-on over there. I hope that the recently advertised next installment in the Fortress Draconis podio book appears in the regular feed soon.

    Knanshon says: See my posts on FarPoint Forums for more interesting thoughts and comments that I won't repeat here.