Cover to Cover #121: Ed Greenwood

Elminster's Daughter Ed Greenwood
Ed Greenwood is the creator of Forgotten Realms, the fantasy world which has been going strong for 35 years! His new novel, Elminster's Daughter, continues on in this series, which has had more writers in it than you can possibly imagine. It was a true pleasure having a legend on the phone with us discussing his latest projects, like yet another new book called The Silent House.

The Science Fiction Experience
Proving that being a raging fan just might get you on the air, long-time listener Mourn Despana from Seattle visited the Science Fiction Museum on opening day and tells us all about it. I smell ROAD TRIP!

Dragon Bites - Science Fiction News

  • UK conference on the evils of horror film (pun intended)
  • Spidey 2 nod to Toby's bad back
  • Wanna-be-Batman wants his kids
  • But before that, he wants a new movie
  • Spidey 4; good idea or bad?
  • Mad Max 4 not a good idea...
  • Trekkie con happens soon!
  • Sci-fi solution to pollution

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes the nod this week and takes on reality TV bordering on horror. Too odd to talk about. Must listen...

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