Cover to Cover #180: Jennifer Fallon / Marie Jakober

HarshiniShow Notes
Harshini by Jennifer Fallon.
Even The Stones by Marie Jakober.

Writers from the land down under seem to write an amazing amount of books each year. To prove this fact, we invited Jennifer Fallon on to talk about her latest book Harshini. Then we try to cover as many of her other titles as we can before time runs out.

We had a lot of fun at WesterCon 58 and we bring you one of the interviews that we did up in the great-white-north. Marie Jakober talks about her book Even The Stones. Later she tells us about the civil war through the eyes of Canada. Very interesting take on our country's past.

More of the 'New & Improved' Library Segment. Tune in an hear about some new books we're recieving in the Draco-Vista Studios!

Evo is back to give the dragon it's weekly feeding. Evo says, "No more monster hunters!"


  1. No more monster hunters? Didn't you have an author who was a monster hunter on the show just a month or so ago? Something about the Loch Ness Monster?

    Anyway... I just emailed Summer about this but then it dawned on me that if I'm confused, someone else might be too.

    Which of Jennifer Fallon's Hythrun Chronicles triologies comes first chronologically? (I mean, inside the fiction chronological, not publish date chronological.) I'd rather read the early books first, but there was some confusion (at least in my mind) as to which was the first and which was the second trilogy... we know the second was published first in the US, but which one was that?

    Maybe I just need more beer...

    PS Why aren't there ever any good sci-fi cons in the NE!?

  2. Um, guys. Australia used celsius temperature. Freezing when it's forty degrees probably made no sense to the lovely and talented Jenny.

  3. Evo,

    Just listened to another wonderful show. I'm a little behind on listening due to vacation ... anyway...

    I'm perplexed by your throwing crackpot monster hunters to the Dragon, when you raved about the crackpot pseudo-science mockumentary called, "What the "bleep" do we know?"

    Just seems to me that an escapee from the high school electronics club who hangs out in a remote lake looking for turtle farts is pretty harmless on the "Who's causing real damage to the future of scientific thought" scale.