Cover to Cover #179: Orson Scott Card / Walter Hunt

The Dark CrusadeYes it is true! We have the amazing and hugely talented Orson Scott Card on the show this week, an he will tell us about his latest book Magic Street. A magical world that exists on a hidden street in Hollywood. Don't miss it.

After that, Walter Hunt gives us an update on The Dark Crusade. Walter is about to finish up his "Dark" series, and you get an inside scoop on what comes next.

More of the 'New & Improved' Library Segment. Tune in an hear about some new books we're recieving in the Draco-Vista Studios!

Michael gives the dragon it's weekly feeding. Tune in and find out what's on the menu for our studio beast.


  1. Yet another awesome show.

    I have to agree with Michael about the Young Adult market. (crotchety old guy voice) When I was young (end voice) the YA book market was quite bad. Now that we have everybody from Rowling to McCaffrey and some other cross-over SF to YA showing how things can be done, there's no excuse for YA books to be as bad as you've described The Incredibles tie-in being.

    There's still a lot of YA garbage out there. As I've got a 13 year-old daughter, it's a real pain in the tuchus trying to find good quality SF at her level. She's done the Potter books, but my wife and I got her into LOTR, Stainless Steel Rat, the 2001 series, and the Pern series. I've gotten a couple of recommendations from your Cover-to-Cover that we've put in her list to read... but it's a tough slog.

  2. Also loved the show though I'll never live long enough to read all of the great books your recommend!

    I enjoyed John Christopher's books when I was Brad's daughter's age. He ranges between science fiction and science fantasy.
    Nicholas Fisk was also great but I think his books might be a bit young. (Grinny and Trillions were my favourites but they seem to be out of print.)