Cover to Cover #78: Michael A. Stackpole / Rick Loomis

Michael A. Stackpole
Michael's latest book is When Dragons Rage. Of course, that makes our Michael happy as we're talking about dragons on The Dragon Page!

Mike writes all over the spectrum, dealing with the Star Wars universe as well as Battle Tech. With a background in gaming, Mike has extensive knowledge in building wide and expansive worlds in which to enact his tales. And of course, When Dragons Rage is no exception...

Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo
Have you ever had the urge to play a strategy game by mail? How about playing a card game where the stakes are the eventual destruction of the earth in a fiery nuclear Holocaust? If these thoughts sound intriguing, you should check out the games offered by Flying Buffalo.

Dragon Bites

  • Remaking King Kong goes for more than a bunch of bananas
  • Chewie looking forward to working again
  • Malaysians OK Bruce
  • Racing India to the Moon
  • Thank god for saints in toilets
  • Exorcist prequel not yucky enough for the studio
  • Blizzard rocks on with Warcraft III
  • Keep the LGM out of your head with a do-it-yourself Thought Screen Helmet!

Feed the Dragon
Tune in to hear Evo feed... Evo to the dragon?

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