Cover to Cover #82: Margaret Weis / Joe Murphy

Margaret Weis
The Annotated Legends is the latest fantasy book in the Dragonlance series. Think "directors commentary" on a DVD and you're right on track for this book. Margaret and Tracy give you a glimpse inside the creative process when writing one of the most successful fantasy series of all times.

Margaret's company Soverign Press has the license to do the D20 role-playing books for Dragonlance. They also are keeping this expanding universe together, by making sure the authors talk to the game designers and vice-versa. When your fantasy universe is this large and involves so many different aspects, it's nice to have someone keeping focus.

Joe Murphy
Curious what it takes to write a good review? Joe spills the beans about his approach, how he got involved with The Dragon Page, and also why every book has it's good points and bad points. When it comes to science fiction and fantasy reviews, Joe is quickly making a name for himself.

Dragon Bites The latest happenings in fantasy and sci-fi

  • Flashville(?) coming to WB
  • Ion drive propulsion in action
  • An elevator to space? No, it's not sci-fi...

Feed the Dragon
Evo takes a shot at the biggest a-holes on the planet, the RIAA. Oh yeah, these jerks deseve the flames.

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