Cover to Cover #103: R. A. Salvatore / Theresa Chaze

Bob Salvatore
Bob's new book is The Highwayman an uncharacteristic stand-alone novel. The master of fantasy series has tried something new, and that is writing one book. That's it! Set in the world of Corona, it centers around a non-so-helpless outcast who becomes an unlikely hero of the people.

Bob also goes into great detail about the state of fantasy and science fiction publishing, and how he is working on changing it from the inside.
As always, Bob spins an intriguing tale...

Theresa Chaze
Debut novelist Theresa Chaze offers Dragon's New Home, a modern-fantasy tale of wiccan-style witchcraft. She's got the perspective to complete the task, as she is a real and fully dedicated wiccan priestess. If you want to learn more about wicca, or a just looking for a great modern-fantasy tale, listen in!

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Evo things more scientists should watch sci-fi horror movies. Then they'd stop doing stupid sh** like this.

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