Cover to Cover #111: Marcos Donnelly / Robert J. Sawyer

Marcos Donnelly
Marcos has just released his new novel, Letters from the Flesh, an interesting alternate past/present (yes, that's an odd way to say it...) science fiction novel released under the new impring Robert J. Sawyer Books. Marcos has rewritten the story of the apostle Paul... as he's visted by aliens. Odd. But a great read! If you're interested in the concept of "remythologizing", check out Letters from the Flesh.

Robert J. Sawyer
Speaking of Robert J. Sawyer Books, Rob himself joins us to talk about his new imprint. Rob, as you will recall, writes hard science fiction and is working dilligently at bringing more hard sci-fi to the market. So he teamed up with Red Deer Press in Canada, and low and behold-- a new science fiction line with Rob Sawyer as the editor! And as a special treat, their having an open submission policy right now!

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