Cover to Cover #113: Eric Van Lustbader / Steven Barnes

Eric Van Lustbader
His new book is Mistress of the Pearl is the third book Eric's epic science fiction series, The Pearl Saga. It's a tale of two alien species, one technologically advanced, the other a theocracy forced to modernize quickly. There are six books planned in this epic science fiction cum fantasy tale.

Steven Barnes
How do you like your history? Alternate? Good. Zulu Heart is a book for you. In this book, Africa colonized the world, not the Europeans. And we all know what the Europeans did, right? Well, in Zulu Heart, it's all backwards. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute, then go pick up the book. A whole new take on things!

Dragon Bites - Sci-fi news and stuff

  • Sky Captain delayed at the gate
  • Riddick is back... with an animated prequel!
  • New Trek movie? After Nemesis?
  • Liquid armor could be a reality soon
  • Ironman (Marvel, not Sabbath) coming to the big screen
  • Pac-Manhatttan, anyone?
  • Jackie Chan's political voice getting him in trouble
  • Gnome killers!

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes aim at Donnie Darko. Why, oh why would they be bringing it out as an extended DVD?

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