Cover to Cover #114: David Drake / Donato Giancola

David Drake
David was the author guest of honor at the recent LepreCon science fiction convention held in Phoenix each year.

His new book, The Far Side of the Stars, is a "space opera" and is filled with action and adventure as well as telling a great story. But don't pigeon-hole him into this sub-genre of sci fi. David also writes (and is perhaps best known f or) his military science fiction as well as fantasy novels. He joins us live in studio.

Donato Giancola
Donato was the artist guest of honor at LepreCon. Mike was simply enthralled with his fantasy/sci-fi artwork, specifically when it came to his dragons. He sat down with Mike and discussed how Donato approaches dragons in his artwork.

Sylvana Anderson-Gish
Sylvana was the local guest of honor, hailing from right here in Phoenix. Well, Chandler really. She deals in the Fantasy realm with her artwork, bringing out earth spirits in her work.

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