Cover to Cover #332A: Edward M. Lerner

Juggler of WorldsDiscussion: Mike and Mike chat it up while streaming the show into Second Life, covering some updates on Mike S' ebook sales, including the increasing numbers to iPhone and iPod Touch users, plus the evolution of book reading gadgets (see the Plastic Logic website).

Interview: This week, Mike and Summer talk with Edward M. Lerner about Juggler of Worlds, the next book about the Puppeteers. He tells about how the story has progressed from Fleet of Worlds, and the more mysteries about what's happening to the humans and the Kzinti.

Edward also has a new book in his own universe, Fool's Experiments, which will be out in November. This story is a near-future tale about the impact of the quest to create artificial life and it's evolution into artificial intelligence, and how accidents happen despite the best intentions and careful precautions.

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  1. Great program, has been expanding my reading list, thanks. Ok here’s a question. I’m a big series reader, and my question is the rebooting of a series. Why??? Its not like anyone exhausted everything in the Universe, and now we have this gap that never seems to be filled. All these loose ends. I rather see a new series within the Universe, that way we can keep reading the original series with the new series looking at past, future, or other area within the Universe. Thank again.

    Orlando Fla.

  2. Depends on the series. Sometimes an author simply wants to do things a little differently. To borrow an example from the movie world, the newest Batman takes a radically differet style to the ealier movies, and for that a reboot of sorts was required.

    Another obvious example, this time from TV, is Battlestar Galactica.