Cover to Cover #220: John Meaney

Context by John MeaneyThis week the boys talk to John Meaney about his latest book Context. This is a sequel to Paradox, the second book in the Nulapeiron Sequence. Context is a thrilling, daring and complex novel covering time and space. We also get a sneak preview of another book from John that is due out in the UK very soon. (You'll have to tune in to find out more.)

Also on the Show:

  • Two new authoring tools are posted to help you write your novel. (Michael thinks it will help him finish.)
  • New text-based interviews on the site. Check them out.
  • Become a Dragon Page guest interviewer. Send us your interviews with scifi authors. (10-15 min, please.)
  • A new book review from David Moldawer.
  • The library makes another change this week. We tell you about some of the books we are reading.
  • Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher.
  • Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin.
  • Mike read some of the new comics


  1. Love the new libary segment, hope it is here to stay!

  2. I agree, I like the new library segment. I will read anything Jin Butcher writes, I think he is awesome. PLEASE get him on the show soon, that would make me very happy 🙂

  3. Lori Thomas says

    Mike, Evo, Summer et al - I love the shows!!!! You guys are so much fun to listen to and you get me through my shift at the J. O. B.

    Summer - you are a Geek Goddess! Looking forward to lots more KAMN. I'm inspired by you and Mur. Thanks!

    One question, I can't seem to find the links for the "authoring tools". Where are they?

    Thanks a lot, and looking forward to all the upcoming shows, and maybe meeting you at DragonCon