Cover to Cover #116: Gregory Benford / Gene and Grayson Steinberg

Gregory Benford
Gregory works in the far-future, hard science fiction realm. His latest work is Beyond Inifinty, dealing with the evolution of the human race one billion years in the future. As a physics professor, Gregory has an interesting take on what is possible given an immense time frame.

Gene and Grayson Steinberg
This father and son writing team wrote the novel Attack of the Rockoids , exploring the love between an alien and a human. These guys were a lot of fun to talk with, and you can see why they write well together.

Dragon Bites - the latest sci-fi news

  • 17 years of Star Trek could be coming to an end
  • More confirmation of Hellboy 2... and 3.
  • The kinder, gentler side of vampirism
  • Ash vs Freddy & Jason?
  • Black Death: bacteria or virus?
  • Batman novels not of the graphic kind?
  • I need a cooling trend like I need a hole in the head

Feed the Dragon
Evo tosses the USDA into the dragon's feeding dish. Why? Mad cow disease and high gasoline prices. Hey, there's a connection, loosely as it may be.

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