Cover to Cover #128: Andrew Fox / William Koonce

Bride of the Fat White Vampire Andrew Fox
Andrew is a second-time guest, appearing this time to speak about his latest work, Bride of the Fat White Vampire. Andrew lives and writes in New Orleans, a great place to set his particular take on vampires. As we told you last time, this is not your typical vampire story you might be used to. Funny, sharp and always original.

William Koonce
Christian fiction with sprinkles of horror throw in? That's what William has created. Take it from Evo, it's a great book regardless of your personal faith. Hey, who doesn't like a book with personal demons and a government project which opens a door to an alternate universe? Grab a copy of Tall Man in the Hat today.

Dragon Bites The latest science fiction news

  • Will Ferrell to Get Smart
  • X3 without Singer at the helm
  • Marionettes irritating Dubya
  • Bluetooth tooth
  • Daleks signed for Dr. Who project.
  • India says Moon shot could be costly
  • AVP doesn't suck. Trust us

Feed the Dragon
So what's an island country across the pond to do with all those dead cows from the mad cow disease scare? Burn 'em for power, that's what. Yep. These morons have obviously never seen Return of the Living Dead. Your cow wants more brains...

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