Cover to Cover #79: Andrew Fox / Ivan Lourie

Andrew Fox.
Andrew's latest book is Fat White Vampire Blues. Not your typical vampire novel to come out of New Orleans-- this one is much more funny! In a city where the average diet is the worst in the civilized world, one might expect a vampire just like described in Andrew's book.

No need to be a fan of vampire books to enjoy this one. It's full of humor and often times biting social commentary. And vampires. Big, fat, white vampires.

Ivan Lourie - Editor of Gateways Books.
Do you wonder what happened to the great science fiction and fantasy of yesteryear? If so, you're looking for Retro SF, and the great folks at Gateway Books is bringing it back to you in modern print. Ivan speaks with us about many things, including the title None But Lucifer, originally published back in 1939.

Dragon Bites

  • Congrats to Robert J Sawyer on winning the Hugo for Hominids
  • 12 hours of Tolken... in one sitting on the big screen!
  • Arnie movies are out, California destruction is in
  • Johnny Depp and the Everlasting Gobstopper
  • Falling into a volcano makes it hard to determine cause of death
  • The Matrix sequels have Oscar issue
  • Agent gets misdemeanor for shooting a lobster in Vegas

Feed the Dragon
Does the Republican party contribute to the "offshoring" of American jobs? According to a story...

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