Cover to Cover #151: R. A. Salvatore / Scott Ciencin

It's the THIRD ANNIVERSARY for The Dragon Page!

R. A. Salvatore
Bob rejoins the show to talk about The Two Swords, the third book in The Hunters Blade trilogy, featuring everyone's favorite dark elf, Drizzt. Bob's got his hand in a variety of other projects, and is sure hoping the Patriots win this weekend. You also may be interested to know that Wizards of the Coast is re-releasing a load of classic Drizzt tales for those who want more!

Scott Ciencin
Scott has written an Everquest novel, called Rogue's Hour. Presented by R. A. Salvatore, Rogue's Hour is best synopsized as "Bourne Identity with swords". Set in the Everquest world, fans of the game will enjoy the added depth given by the novel. However, no knowledge of the game is required. Fantasy fans who love plenty of action will love it!

Dragon Bites The latest science fiction news

  • Tron gets Disneyized
  • X Files to give it another go on the silver screen
  • Wil Wheaton gets some love
  • Sword play turns deadly... again
  • Mike is happy that The Grudge is getting a sequel
  • Lindsey Lohan gets the love bug
  • Billy Zane brings the purple tights to Charmed
  • Epi III non-spoilers
  • Depressed man gets lost and found in cave, for a month

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