Cover to Cover #129: Steve Alten / Bob Harper

Steve Alten
MEG: Primal Waters is the third book in Steve's giant-shark thriller series. Don't get this confused with Jaws or the current flick Open Water. Jaws was a pansy compared to this 70-ft massive shark. We often look to the stars for our tales of monsters, but what if the monsters were that much closer to home?

Bob Harper
Bob has quite possibly the coolest job in the whole wide world. He produces audio tracks for haunted attractions. He's taken this vocation to an interesting avocation, creating his own CD of original audio tracks called Twisted Rhymes. Great spoken word stuff, dark and forboding, but amazingly engaging and well produced. Take a listen! If you subscribe to XM Radio, you can catch him on Sonic Theater

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In what has become Evo's Weekly Rant, the topic is the inhalation of alcohol. Beyond bonging beer here, kids...

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