Cover to Cover #93: F. Paul Wilson / George Beahm

F. Paul Wilson
Paul's latest book is Gateways, the latest in his Repairman Jack series. Paul's books span many genres (and is now in sci-fi) with the same main character - Repairman Jack. What started in 1984 has continued through seven books... and keeps picking up fans along the way. Rumors abound about a movie deal, and Paul sheds some light on that subject with us.

George Beahm
Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Looking for that last special piece to finish off your collection of Frodo figurines? You'll need to get George's latest book, The Essential J.R.R. Tolkien Sourcebook: A Fan's Guide to Middle-earth and Beyond. When you read "essential", think exhaustive... 'cuz this fantasy sourcebook has everything a fan of Tolkien could ever want!

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  • Firefly DVD inside scoop
  • How many New Zealanders showed up at the LotR premier? All of them...
  • Rehashing The Hobbit?
  • The base of Elvish
  • I need a new Dr. Who
  • Russians afraid of Mars?

Feed the Dragon
Mike tosses Qi-ah-gnu to the dragon, making Evo quite happy and destroying any reasons to go to Something's Got to Give

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