Cover to Cover #149: Wil Wheaton / Scott Nicholson

Just A Geek Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton is, by his own admission, Just a Geek. Hands down one of the most funny and deep guests we've had on the show, Wil joins us to talk about his book, what's inside and where it all came from. Many folks have been following Wil at his blog WWdN, many more should. And I can't think of a soul who will not like this book. Check Evo's review, and listen to this week's show.

Scott Nicholson
Our favorite spooky boy from the Appalachians. We talk about his new Appalachian Gothic novel The Manor, once again inspired by some place right near where Scott lives. Some authors travel the world for their inspiration. Scott looks out various windows of his house.

Dragon Bites Scifi news

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  • Enterprise gets some fixes
  • Your kid wasting time on Halo 2 might become a pro
  • Can Epi III suck?
  • BBC America announces writing contest
  • India ponders sharing alien knowledge

Feed the Dragon
No one is gonna fall for Nigerian scams, right? Surely not anyone who holds a few doctorate degrees, right? Wrong. Moron.