Cover to Cover #125: Eric Van Lustbader / Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The Bourne LegacyEric Van Lustbader
Now, you may be wondering why we're talking about The Bourne Legacy on a science fiction talk show, and why it is that the book is written by someone other than the guy who wrote the original trilogy. Eric will clear things up for you, don't sweat it! Fans of the movies should read the book, and fans of Eric's fantasy work will want to check it out, too!

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jacqueline Lichtenberg is featured in Trekkies 2, the award winning sequel to the acclaimed Trekkies docudrama. She's a fascinating expert in the realm of fandom, and an accomplished fantasy and science fiction writer in her own right. We caught up with her at WesterCon 57 and had a great conversation.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

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  • New Superman movie is getting X'd
  • Can Data save Enterprise? Does anyone care?
  • Beowulf and Homer on the big screen?
  • Japan OK with human cloning, no word on stance on giant lizards
  • Do we need more Living Dead movies?
  • Updated Westworld coming, Yul Brynner unavailable for comment
  • Fountain of youth, or lightning strike?
  • Alien baby goes for a ton of cash

Feed the Dragon
Evo assumes the position this week and tells a tale of new meals reconstituted with... urine. Yes. Urine. (Insert "Ewwww!" here.)

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