Cover to Cover #133: Todd Lockwood / Ken Wisman

TransitionsInterview with Todd Lockwood
Todd is the mastermind behind the redesign for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. He also creates the wonderful book covers for Tor and Wizards of the Coast (he "designed" the look of Drizzt). Todd was the Artist Guest of Honor at the recent CopperCon convention and graced us with an in-studio interview. His collection, Transitions, is available.

Interview with Ken Wisman
It what may prove to be one of the more controversial books we've had on the show in a while, Ken presents Eden: The Novel. The controversy doesn't come from the content of the book, a futuristic tale of terraforming and idealistic genetic engineering gone awry, but how Ken came up with the concept. We'll let the interview speak for itself. Open your mind and give it a listen. And check out more from Ken at Dark Regions Press.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

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Feed the Dragon
Evo steps up to the plate again and unloads on folks who make cell phones for... your dog.

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