Cover to Cover #140: Tee Morris / Jon O'Bergh

Tee Morris
Tee's got a new book out, a tale of a dwarven detective in Capone-era Chicago called Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword. Yes. A dwarf. Can't say the boy doesn't have a vivid imagination! Very tongue in cheek, very Mickey Spillane; and very entertaining! Tee usually joins us to talk about about books and movies created by others, so it's nice to have him on talking about his own work.

Jon O'Bergh
Now here's something we don't cover every week on the show. Science fiction music? It's not Filk, but music which is imagined to be what music might sound like from another world. Interesting sounds from dreamy and floating to driving with intensity. A few tracks are sampled in our interview with Jon. His CD is entitled Songs from Other Planets.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction (and other) news

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