Cover to Cover #81: Scott Nicholson / Justin Gustainis

Scott Nicholson
Scott is always a welcome edition to our show, and returns to speak about The Harvest, his latest "Appalachian Gothic" novel. Referred to as Deliverance meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it deals with the encroachment of modern technology and civilization into the pristine and native environment. Oh, and aliens. Green ones. Or just one big one. Read the book to figure it out.

Justin Gustainis
Sometime science doesn't go quite the way you want it to. In The Hades Project, innocent diddling with the space/time continuum opens up a gate to hell. And that pretty much ruins your whole day. The story takes on some crime-thriller aspects and Vietnam flashbacks. I love the smell of brimstone in the morning.

Dragon Bites

  • Christian Bale straps on the utility belt
  • Underworld under lawsuit?
  • Keeping tabs on pervs
  • War is too costly. Send in the robots! (Can you say Terminator?)
  • NASA suffers another crash. Not quite as tragic.

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes aim at The Matrix... for a reason that has nothing to do with how much Keanu sucks!

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